Senior Production at Feast Day


Mini Pips at Feast Day


Senior Contemporary at Feast Day


Senior Street at Feast Day


Lockdown 2020!

When the world shut down, we doubled in size! 

During lockdown on top of our classes online, we welcomed many new students. We offered weekly quizzes/games nights for our families, entered virtual competitions and performances and held various charity events. We also moved our dance parties, wedding tutorials and private lessons online and created a music video using our dancers for one of our local musicians. We also celebrated our 1st birthday during lockdown and hosted a week of online industry professional workshops and held a zoom party, where Janette from Strictly taught our families a Salsa!

We then hosted 2 special events- a full online musical show (promo below) and a Pips online festival. Both of these events were shown to friends and families and allowed our students to thrive! 

Please see our Instagram for photos and memories from our fantastic lockdown!

"Pippa and Scott, thank you for saving us in lockdown and always going above and beyond". Pips Student