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Pips Parent Governors

Pips Parent Governors have been set up to provide support to the dance school in their future endeavours.
Since opening in 2018, Pips have gone from strength to strength and now we are in need of strategic direction to help make our dreams a reality!

Melanie Henry - Chair

I am a full time ERP Manager at Brunel University London.  I have been doing this for about 8 years now, but before that I was in finance roles as I'm a Qualified Accountant.  

The role of Chair excites me as I want to be part of Pips future plans.  Having been a Pips member since they opened in 2019 I have become part of an extended family and the journey so far has been indescribable!

My son Kalen has thrived and grown since starting at Pips aged 8.  The confidence it has given him is priceless.  Being one of very few boys at the dance school he is an example of dance is for any gender!

Fun Fact: I was in a music video for the Soul Legend Omar!


Rose Smith - Safeguarding and Health & Safety

I work in school improvement for a group of primary schools in Buckinghamshire.  I work with the Heads in making their schools the best they can be.  I have been a teacher for over 20 years - from a reception teacher to a Head and some time in a secondary special needs school.

I am looking forward to working with the other parents who love Pips as much as my girls and I do and helping shape its future to make it the very best it can be.

I have twins Amelie and Belle who do contemporary, street and acro and love all 3!  They have been at Pips since early 2023.

Fun Fact: We rescued rabbits from a hedge who had babies a week later!  We went from 0 to 8 rabbits in 10 days!  Thankfully - we now have just 4!


Carly Sprake - Safeguarding and Health & Safety

I currently work at a local infant school and have a degree in Early Years and Professional Practice - which I gained while working full time.  I am fully trained in safeguarding, SEN and first aid.  I am also a Governor at one of the other local schools close to where I live.  As well as all this I'm a mum to Elsie and Oliver - Elsie has danced at Pips since 2019 and is currently one of their Ambassadors.

I work at Pips on a Wednesday and Friday evening supporting the class teacher with the children - and sometimes joining in too!

I look forward to bringing my safeguarding and SEN knowledge to the role as a Pips Governor to help all children flourish regardless of their ability.

Fun Fact: I got married in a Spanish village where it is rumoured that Walt Disney was born!


Kirsty Etherington - Inclusion

I run the careers programme at a local high school and before I had my two children ran graduate programmes in banking.  I'm hoping my experiences at work will be helpful to the governor team!

My daughter is Theodora and she is 6 and loves her combo class. She is already so excited about the Top of the Pips show in January 2024! 

I'm looking forward to becoming a bigger part of the Pips family as Theodora gets older and starts joining more classes.

Fun Fact: I have met the Queen Elizabeth II and she is my favourite famous person ever!


Lucy Corbishley - Inclusion

For the past 7 years I’ve raised my two beautiful children, whilst caring for my awesome Dad! He’s 83 now, and still tells me what to do!
Prior to that, I spent 10 years working for Boden Clothing, PA and Marketing for the man himself, Johnnie Boden.
Before that, I was in charge of marketing and events at Chelsea Football Club.
I’m looking forward to learning about a dance school. I’ve got heaps of experience with main stream school, but learning about this dance school fills me with excitement. 
My son, Arthur, he’s 11, lives for singing and dancing.  It’s his outlet, his confidence boost, and what makes him happy.
My daughter Evie, age 7, has been at the school for 3 years now.  She was the one who made it all happen! And continues to do so.

Fun Fact:  I can make my ears move!


Helen Sheehan - Community & Fundraising

Day to day I’m a stay at home mum to Amy and Harry who both attend Pips.  I’ve not worked since having children as I’ve wanted to commit to them fully although I’ve kept myself busy with school PTA’s, being a Trustee for a local charity and running Rainbows for over two years (part of Girl-Guiding)

Prior to children I was Head of HR and worked in London full time where my role was very operational in the business. 

I’m looking forward to the satisfaction of ultimately helping another local group in any way possible. I’ve seen first hand how much Pips do and what they get involved in and I think it will be lovely to be part of it along with my children. 

Fun Fact: I played the recorder when I was a young child at the Barbican! I can still pretty much play any tune by request on the recorder !

image0 (1).jpeg

Maria Nolan - Community & Fundraising

I have had a career in Personal Training and Reflexology and more recently added Mum-Juggler to those achievements!

My daughter Amalie is 7 yrs old and has been dancing at Pips since 2021.  She does a mix of classes including Street and Acro.

As a Pips Governor I'm looking forward to getting the community involved and building relationships with everyone.

Fun Fact: I used to be a Stunt Woman!


Arabella Head - Socials, Enrichment & Opportunities

My name is Arabella and I am currently studying History at Leeds University.  I am most looking forward to helping provide opportunities for other dancers in the same way opportunities were given to me when I was a Pips student.

Fun fact: I live with 1000 people!


Hazel McCluskey - Socials, Enrichment & Opportunities

I work for Sport England looking at organisational development of sports organisations in particular national governing bodies like England Netball and Basketball England.  I started my career in Investment Banking, ran my own recruitment business and have worked in sport off and on (with children and career breaks) for 13 years.  I recently took up a Board role with Wiltshire Cricket.

I'm looking forward to helping out - I get energy from being helpful!  I think the energy and ethos around the school is fab and I want as many people as possible to get a great experience and come away not just being better at dancing.

Pippa aged 10 - contemporary, street, production and acro.  And pretty sure my 2 and a half year old will want to start soon!

Fun Fact: I won the Netball Superleague with Mavericks (before they were Saracens Mavericks!)


Rebecca Lucey - Student Voice & Ambassadors

I’ve had a long career in PR and Marketing promoting TV shows for a range of media companies, and I'm now Head of Marketing Operations at the BBC.  I’m also a qualified Career Coach, and I mentor the BBC’s Digital Marketing Degree Apprentices which is very rewarding.

As a Parent Governor I’m looking forward to helping shape the future direction of Pips and representing the voices of students and parents so that everyone feels part of an inclusive school community.

My daughter Martha has been with Pips for over four years and joined in the very early days when she was the only student in her class!

Fun Fact: I'm the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge which I won in the 1980's for designing a stamp competition!

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