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Who We Are

Pips Dance Academy was formed in Chalfont St Peter in 2019 by husband and wife duo - Scott and Pippa, to provide all ages and abilities with excellent dance training.  Whilst having a 'dance for all' ethos, Pips also provides industry links and gives students many performance opportunities. 

We strongly believe that you never stop learning and that you learn something from every experience. 

Alongside our performance opportunities, you can take part in local festivals and take exams with RAD, IDTA and NATD if you wish to take these.  You will gain experience in a wide range of styles and can also study GCSE Dance.  We are a registered Arts Award and LAMDA centre. 

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In Buckinghamshire, dance enthusiasts have a plethora of options at Pips to explore their passion across various styles. From the classic elegance of RAD ballet to the rhythmic complexity of tap, there's something for every dancer. Jazz and street dance classes offer opportunities for energetic expression and urban flair, while contemporary classes invite dancers to explore innovative movement and artistic interpretation. For those drawn to the stage, musical theatre classes provide a fusion of dance, drama, and song, cultivating versatile performers. Additionally, acro classes offer a blend of dance and gymnastics, enhancing strength, flexibility, and agility. With options tailored to all ages and skill levels, including offering GCSE dance. Pips Dance Academy inspires all and allows Buckinghamshire dancers to join a vibrant dance community where creativity flourishes, talents are nurtured and success celebrated. 

WHO WE ARE & FAQs: About


Please find below answers to frequently asked questions ...

How do I know what class my child should trial?

If you let us know what style your child wants to trial and their age, we will allocate to the correct class. Once we have met them, we will assess their ability and put them in the correct class. Our classes are based on ability not age once we have met them.

When can I trial a class?

You can trial a class at any time of the year, except from October to Christmas as this is show preparation time. We offer free trials three times a year, the rest of the time these will be paid.

How much are classes and how do I pay?

Class costs differ depending on the length.  Currently the class costs are:

  • 30 mins - £5.60

  • 45 mins - £6.60

  • 60 mins - £7.60

  • 90 mins - £8.60

All class costs are subject to change.

We offer private lessons and the cost of these are all quoted at the time of booking.

Once you join the dance school you are required to set up a GoCardless account which will allow us to create the direct debit payments from the invoices that we send through.  Payments for trials can be done via GoCardless or through a bank transfer - details are available on request.

What does my child wear to class?

For their first class they need to wear something they can move in. If they have the correct footwear, please bring that if not barefoot is fine. Please then see our uniform page on the website for full uniform requirements.

How do you communicate with parents?

Most of our communication is through email. We send a weekly updates email and monthly newsletter.

My child has additional needs, can they join?

Of course! We have a dance for all ethos and encourage everyone to give dance a go! If you get in touch with us we can discuss your child's needs and ensure we can make appropriate adjustments.

Can I stay and watch the class?

No. You must drop off and collect your child. We encourage independence and of course if there is an issue we can contact you. We offer watching weeks for you to be able to see your child in action.

What if my child has never danced before?

No worries at all. We provide lessons for students who have never danced before, right up to those who want a career in dance. Please get in touch and we can talk through your requirements.

What age can my child start dancing?

Our classes start at 3 years old. Your child must be toilet trained to attend classes. Sometimes we will trial a child at 2.5 years old.

Can my child take examinations?

Yes they can. We teach RAD Ballet in classes and take examonations each year (these are optional). For all other styles we use NATD. We do not teach syllabus in class and therefore we offer private packages for examinations.

Do you offer shows?

Yes we do lots of performances throughout the year, but our two big shows are our yearly dance show in January and our summer musical camp in August.

Do you have any Pre Loved uniform items?

We have a small stock of pre loved uniform items and try to run sales once a term.  Keep an eye out for the next sale date.  If you would like to know if we have anything specific in the stock, please email

How does payment of classes work?

We use GoCardless (GCL) to collect payment of all invoices by direct debit.  Setting up a GCL account allows the invoices to be spread across our payment terms. 

Our payment terms are as follows:

  • TERM 1 - September - December

  • TERM 2 - January - April

  • TERM 3 - May - August

GCL direct debits are set up to collect payment at the beginning of each month in that term.

Alternative payments plans can be discussed on an individual basis.

How can I monitor my account with Pips and all my invoices and payments?

The Class Manager for customers app is a really useful way to monitor your account with Pips. 

To create an account use this link:  REGISTER WITH CLASS MANAGER

What happens if my child cannot attend a class due to illness or for other reasons?

If your child is not able to make their class please email to let us know.  We will contact you if we haven't seen your child for more than 2 sessions and haven't heard from you.  We feel a great sense of responsibility for the well-being of all our students.

How do I know when my child should progress to the next level class?

The teachers at Pips will advise you when we think your child is ready to progress to the next age group or level.  This is not always dependent on their age.

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