Tap Shoes

Pips 2022 Calendar

10th January recommence classes and festival privates 

Sign up to exams, LAMDA, arts award, teachers qualifications

30th January- Sadlers Wells Nutcracker trip 

24th-26th February- Chesham Festival 

Feb half term- new ambassador and head ship entries. 

New GCSE cohort 

March- Pips committee meeting and plan fundraiser 1

March- International Dance Rewards

12th/13th March- Move It- TBC 

3rd April- Can You Dance- Coventry- Senior Production 

21st April- Honeycomb Festival- Senior Production 

Easter- NATD exam session 

Workshop/Trip for this term 

31st May-3rd June- Disneyland Paris trip- both production groups 

June- Chalfont St Peter Feast Day 

June- Pips committee meeting and plan fundraiser 2

July- Pips choreography competition